Kay Rodgers Park

Rental Guidelines

Kay Rodgers Park is year-round use facility, operated by a full-time staff.

The Park is the home of the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair, Old Fort Days Rodeo, and Old Fort Days Barrel Futurity. Many area and national groups host annual events at the facility.

Facilities rental pricing on all the venues mentioned on this site are negotiable depending on your requirements for use, length of use, and number of facilities used. You are always welcome to discuss your particular needs with us.

The following are general policies of Kay Rodgers Park. We invite our lessees to be familiar with these policies and to assist in the enforcement of same.

1. Insurance

Arkansas-Oklahoma Regional Education and Promotion Association, Inc. may require personal injury and property damage insurance policies in the amount of $1,000,000 upon the rental of facilities. The policy/policies require naming Arkansas-Oklahoma Regional Education and Promotion Association, Inc. as an additional insured. Certificate of Insurance, if required, must be in our office 10 days prior to move-in.

2. Guidelines for Rentals

Kay Rodgers Park staff will be happy to transmit a copy of a Lease Agreement for any proposed lease of the facilities. We urge lessees to review all provisions before signing. The lease Agreement will state the rental pricing information.

3. Beverages

Please contact us to discuss beverage policies.

4. Smoking

The Expo Center has been designated as a non-smoking area. Smoking is permitted in other areas within the Park.

5. Other

Additional policies which the lessee would need to consider will be covered in the Lease Agreement.